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Starstruck Riley Reid Fucks Two Rich Black Neighbors

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Riley Reid |

Riley Reid is one excited young teen. When her father told her to go ask the neighbors to turn the music down, she discovered she lived next to her favorite music producers. Overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm, Riley spent the entire afternoon hanging out with these two black gentlemen, who were already thinking about double-teaming on this skanky white whore. All they had to do was promise to put her in their next rap video and it didn’t take long for Riley Reid to get undressed and drop to her knees, sucking on both big black cocks until they’re hard and ready to fuck. She proved to be worthy of their attention, bouncing from cock to cock as if she’d done this kind of thing a hundred times before. Groupies are a dime a dozen to these guys, but even they must admit Riley Reid left them feeling completely satisfied. Both dudes took turns busting in her mouth and she swallowed their cum down to the very last drop.