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Riley Reid Rides The Realtor

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Starring Riley Reid; Guess who's here, looking for a new home? Riley Reid is in the house motherfuckers, literally, and she loves the place. But what would make her the best applicant for this residence? There's bound to be dozens of other people looking to rent the place. You're about to find out that Riley can be very, very open and persuasive when she really wants something. As soon as she enters the place for a visit, she's greeted by the realtor. A tall, handsome older dude. Something Riley is obviously into. Nothing, oh nothing would stop Riley from getting cock. As soon as she set her eyes on him, she knew she'd be gagging on his fat juicy cock. As they make their way through the house, visiting each room, Riley keeps making sexual innuendos and nudging at sex throughout the visit, making our man embarrassed and making him lose track of what he's doing. He knows she's obviously into him, but he's married. He would never have sex with another woman than his wife, right? Even if she's this small, super tight young babe who's almost already on her knees in front of him. Now comes the bedroom, where the magic definitely happens. Riley wants to push her paper for the flat to the top of the list and to do that, she'll be giving this man a one-way ticket to the Riley Express, next stop; Cumtown. Want to know what happens next? Can't wait to see Riley Reid in all her beauty in some fantastic POV action? Then what are you waiting for? Try Broken Babes for only a dollar. One simple dollar for 2 days!