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Dillion Harper’s Boyfriend Steps Fuck Game

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Dillion Harper |

Apparently, Dillion Harper isn’t satisfied with how her boyfriend treats her during sex. She likes it rough but her boyfriend is way too gentle and considerate. Like so many uninformed men, he believes the best way to a woman’s heart is through caring, but the truth is completely the opposite. Horny sluts like Dillion Harper want to get roughed up, treated like two-dollar sluts, face-fucked and blasted with cum. Sadly for her boyfriend, he had to find this out the hard way. One day he decided to go through the messages on her phone and what discovered changed him as a man (and lover) forever: tons of back-and-forth messages between Dillion and her girlfriend, discussing his lack of physicality in the bedroom and general overall pussiness. Furious and humiliated, he sets out to give her the rough sex of a lifetime. Dillion Harper’s obviously shocked by the transformation in her man – never before has he fucked her with such passion and aggression. By the time they’re done, Dillion was left panting and out of breath, her beautiful face soaked in sperm.