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Angie Koks Takes a Cruel Ass Pounding

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Angie Koks |

Seriously, who hasn’t dreamed about fucking the hot barista from the corner coffee shop? Thankfully, Angie Koks is the kind of girl who loves to make her favorite customer's dreams come true. No time to waste for the young man who is more than happy to use his tongue to get her pussy nice and wet. She responds by putting his espresso-fueled dick into her mouth and playing with its tip. That gigantic erection is a lot to handle for this Java maiden so she goes for a cowgirl position and rides that stud into ecstasy. The palpitations she's getting aren't the result of too much caffeine but that jackhammer of a dick pummeling her swollen anus. Her pain is combined with pleasure as he gives the horny bitch a giant anal creampie for dessert. Good to the last drop indeed!