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Naomi Swann Wants Stepdad To Give Her First Orgasm


Naomi Swann |

Starring Naomi Swann; Coming back from class, Naomi realizes that all of her friends have been sexually active during the summer, which she hasn't. After being teased about it, she comes back home with a frown on her face and immediately starts spouting everything that happened to her stepdad. Naomi has no filter and she just talks about orgasms and how her ex-boyfriend's dick was too small to please her. Her stepdad is immediately taken aback from her sudden confession. He's not ready to have this sort of talk with his stepdaughter. She gets up, obviously upset that her stepdad won't hear or understand her. Later that day, about to make coffee, he hears moaning coming from her room. He peaks through the door only to find her laying on her bed, masturbating and he watches for a bit. She then gets frustrated and decides to rest. The next day, she again strikes a conversation about how sexually frustrated she is.