Mandy Muse And The Anal Keke Challenge


Mandy Muse |

Starring the amazing Mandy Muse; Every year or so, there's a new trend that blows up on the internet. Everyone and their stepmother does it to get tons of views on YouTube. This year it's all about the "Keke challenge". The challenge consists of a person getting out of a car while it's still running at slow speed and perform a dance to the song "Keke Do You Love Me" by Drake. Mandy is no stranger to fads and she just loves participating in these events. Wanting to make it a little more interesting, she decided to do it in a sexy one piece. She couldn't do it alone obviously, so she had to ask her stepbrother to tag along so he could help her film and drive while she shook that phat ass of hers. Going back to their house, Mandy decided they should go into their backyard to get some more footage. She strips and twerks to the song making her stepbrother a little tight in his shorts.