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Jessa Rhodes Coaches Her Friend To Anal Sex With Role Playing

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Starring the exquisite Jessa Rhodes. Jessa is the best friend you could ever have. She's smart, fun, and her best quality is that she listens to your problems when you're in need. Her friend Carson came to her for erotic advice. His GF's bored with the sex they're having and he needs something to juice up their intimacy. After a quick summary of their sexual adventures so far, Jessa understands why his girlfriend is getting disinterested. He's obviously uneducated on the subject and his naivety will be the end of his relationship. Fortunately for him, he came to the right person. Jessa introduces him to anal sex, but he's just not getting it. So, as any good friend would do, she decides to show him how you should warm up a woman before ass-fuck. Because you just can't go guns blazing and put your dick right in there without at least relaxing her muscles a little, right? He agrees to be a good student to his teacher and licks his friend's pussy and fingers her ass.