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Hannah Hawthorne Comforts Her Friend's Brother With A Good Fuck

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Hannah Hawthorne |

Starring Hannah Hawthorne; Hannah on her way to the top and she's not looking back. Welcome her to the Broken Babes family! This is the story of Hannah, a tall blonde babe with amazing blue eyes, who went to see her best friend so they could hang out and go to the mall. Unfortunately for her, her friend wasn't home, but her brother was. He mentions that she left not long ago and that she'll come back sooner or later. Seating on the couch, Hannah mentions that her friend has been talking about the brother's recent breakup and how he has it hard. He mentions that the sex wasn't great and that she cheated on him. Hannah feels sad for him, but she knows exactly how to make him feel better. Looking at him in the eyes, and grabbing his thigh, she calls her friend, asking when she'll come back. A quick call to know how long they have to fuck like animals. The brother starts grabbing her thighs, asking if she'd want them to know each other better. She agrees, she's been into him for a long time and now's her time to make him forget about the bitch who stole his heart and crushed it. Soon enough, they'll be banging like crazy. Nobody around to disturb them. The perfect fuck for the perfect occasion.