Allie Addison Cheats On Her Boyfriend With His Best Friend

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Starring Allie Addison; Looking like an angel who fell from the heavens, Allie Addison brings her A-game today here at Broken Babes. This is the story of how a cute blonde teen by the name of Allie suddenly felt her horniness level rise while her boyfriend is away. What a perfect opportunity for her; her roommate and boyfriend's best friend is at her disposal. All she needs is a little convincing, but she knows she can get her way easily. She is, after all, a very attractive young babe. Pulling the backrub card, she asks her roommate if he could give her a massage on her lower back, claiming she hurt herself at the gym. Reluctant, he tries to politely refuse, claiming he shouldn't since she has a boyfriend. It's just a back rub, she's not asking him to fuck her, right? Well, at least not yet. He accepts. She removes her skirt and lies on her belly. Sitting on top of her after a couple of rubs, his pants start to tighten from all the blood going to his dick. She notices and laughs. This is where the fun starts. Allie might look like an angel, but she's more of a demon when it comes to sex. Anyways, who's going to tell her boyfriend?